Plug & Play

Low budget window design with a high range of functionality

The package contains a basic module with the basic functionalities needed for order handling:

  • Full graphic design
  • Customer and order management
  • Dashboard
  • Form and report generator
  • Hardware resolution
  • Freely definable accessories
  • E-mail functionalities
  • PDF-archiving
  • Profine window systems
  • Restrictions / Plausibility checks
  • Cutting optimization

All you need for window design and order processing

  • Quick and easy window design
  • Short implementation time
  • Pre-installed master data

Contact & information

Felix Guttschau

International Sales Director
+49 7364 9666-237


Compact Starter Package with master data

Plug & Play is implemented, set-up and trained in a very short time due to ready-to-use master data.

The package includes:

  • 3E-LOOK standard functionalities with two user licenses
  • Price list calculation
  • Commercial forms
  • Production lists
  • Profine window system data
  • Standard window types
  • Price list templates
  • Favorites for quick and easy price and master data adjustment
  • Update service


Plug and Play Window design software
2.3 MB Download black