Product management

Product managers are responsible for adapting the software in a systematic and methodic way. They define add-ons and their time frame - they create the roadmap. The product management makes sure that developments comply with the master plan and ensures that the software displays continuity.

The roadmap determines the release planning

The roadmap provides information about which developments are planned and when they are planned. A new software version is released whenever this point is reached.

Prior to every release: testing, testing, testing

Even if the development of a certain version is concluded, there is still a lot of work to be done. The software is thoroughly tested by means of standardized orders, machine data is created. The new functionalities are documented and trained. This documentation includes the product manual as well as support and training documents. Furthermore, the product management carries out internal trainings for all Scouts and Helpers, nationally and internationally.

In touch with the customer

We are aware of the fact that we develop software for our customers. We design our software to facilitate their daily work, improve their processes and increase transparency. That is why we listen to our customers and invite them to forums at regular intervals. Their valuable feedbacks affect, of course, further developments and make sure that 3E-LOOK remains user friendly.

Contact & information

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3E-LOOK inside: The look behind the scenes

Customers are informed at regular intervals about planned and executed changes in the newsletter 3E-LOOK inside. The so-called release notes, which contain a documentation and descritpion of all new functionalities, are published with each release.

3E-LOOK inside, however, allows for a look behind the scenes:

  • What do developments look like?
  • Which are the focal points?
  • Which efforts are made to keep the software solution up-to-date and to secure your investment?



What is a release?

A Release is the publication of a certain software version at a planned moment in time. Usually, there is a 3E-LOOK-Release once a year. In order to be able to distinguish the versions, each Release is numbered or receives a name affix, e. g. 3.0. In the case of a major Release the main figure is adapted (e. g. 4.0), whereas in the case of a minor one the figure following the main figure is adapted (e. g. 3.1).

What happens when customer requirements are not in the roadmap?

It is obvious that, due to the roadmap and to the release planning, we cannot realize any add-on at any time - even if we would like to. Individual adaptation requests are regularly sighted, checked and evaluated. If the adaptation is technically feasible and in line with our general development philosophy, things are quite easy: The adaptation will be effected within the program maintenance at a planned moment in time without charges for the customer.

So what happens if the adaptation is not planned? If the customer wishes to receive an offer with a fixed price, the request has to be analyzed and a detailed concept has to be elaborated. The analysis and the elaboration of a detailed concept constitute a service and are thus subject to a charge. However, a dependable proposal for solution with a mandatory price quotation and indication of delivery time can only then be effectuated.