Master data

Windows are a very complex product. That is why technical master data plays a central role in window design. The benefits of structuring master data systematically from the very beginning are perfectly obvious:

  • Data administration is enormously facilitated 
  • Less errors in data entry
  • Items can be chosen quickly and safely
  • Data corresponding to standards can be imported
  • Project times are reduced - Time and money savings

Master data are an important component in digitalization. That is why cross-company data standards and master data management are important topics to us. We are already co-operating with some technology partners such as VEKA and profine.Furhter co-operations are in negotiation.

These co-operations hold many benefits for all parties involved, as the process ensures up-to-date and high-quality data, ready-to-use. Required data is quickly and easily implemented, project times are thus reduced and error sources minimized.

Feel free to ask us about co-operations with other window system suppliers.

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