Shipping logistics

With 3E-LOOK you can be sure that everything is on board. All the processes related to shipping and delivery can be represented.

The barcode-based system tells you

  • where the items to be delivered are located
  • which order they belong to
  • when delivery is scheduled

There are many processes involved in shipping. 3E-LOOK makes them easy to handle and transparent:

  • Packaging and racks management
  • Intelligent loading concepts
  • Electronic delivery note
  • Delivery planning, delivery tours
  • Intelligent delivery note with backlog
  • Paperless data entry and shipping processing
  • Box-in-a-box principle

Contact & information

Felix Guttschau

International Sales Director
+49 7364 9666-237



The shipping logistics works with the box-in-a-box principle and shows exactly the degree of free space for each resource. Users can work efficiently with the filling capacities. The assignment is carried out simply by scanning the barcodes.

Delivery schedule