Quotation & Order handling

3E-LOOK grants you a higher level of digitalization and connects you with your trade partners. Regardless which business model you utilize in window manufacturing and trading. 3E-LOOK covers almost any scenario.

Depending on the business model, requirements put on digitalized order processing vary extremely. In billing, for instance, the requirements will be completely different when dealers are involved and the inter-company processes take on an important role.

3E-LOOK includes a range of high-performance modules in order processing

  • object handling (with several billing options)
  • international order processing
  • material exchange
  • several interfaces with financial accounting, personnel accounting and ERP,
  • Logikal integration
  • the interfaces CSTB, GAEB,
  • shutters and  box windows
  • reverse rebate profiles
  • accounting and dunning
  • sales representatives commission

In 3E-LOOK several web configurators (panels, roller shutters, glass) are integrated enabling data entry in one solution and connecting you to your business partners.

Contact & information

Felix Guttschau

International Sales Director
+49 7364 9666-237


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