Materials management

Are you aware of the potential benefits that lie in e-procurement?

With the materials management in 3E-LOOK you calculate all of your material requirements and represent the complete supply chain including e-procurement and stock management. The material procurement is based on production planning and delivery date and is closely linked to the production plan and the delivery logistics.

Optimized warehousing and reduced costs

The fully integrated material management allows you to

  • generate purchase order proposals
  • create purchase orders
  • optimize warehouse management with a barcode-based entry system
  • digitalize order handling with suppliers employing OpenTRANS standards
  • register every goods movement electronically
  • electronic backlog management

The integration with capacity planning ensures that all of the required resources are available at production start.

The system makes every process in procurement transparent. Information is highly available at any time.

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Felix Guttschau

International Sales Director
+49 7364 9666-237

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