Calculation & Controlling

In 3E-LOOK there are several different ways that lead to your objective. You may determine prices using a price grid or by calculating the time and material consumed to complete an order. The functionalities include quick calculation via price list, pricing assistant, MS Excel import, price control, detailed calculation, post calculation and interfaces to PDA and time tracking.

With 3E-LOOK you know your numbers exactly. You recognize your economic efficiency and know where your break-even point is.

Expenditure calculation

  • Dependable entry of cost types
  • Pricing based on actual expenditure
  • Multi-level overhead calculation
  • Determine time allowance
  • Create price lists at the press of a button
  • Provides the basis for target/ actual performance comparison

Determine catalog price

  • Price lists can be copied and pasted
  • Shows the complete price catalog and facilitates data entry
  • Create price grids based on expenditure calculation
  • Various price versions can be managed
  • Item pricing related to customer and orders
  • Ready-to-use price lists for dealers

Post calculation

  • Collect actual material costs
  • Collect actual production costs (time-based)
  • Ready-to-use reporting lists for MS Excel
  • Combinable with electronic time tracking

Contact & information

Felix Guttschau

International Sales Director
+49 7364 9666-237

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