Shipping planning/ Shipping logistics

Scanner-aided processes in shipping

In fact an efficient shipping planning can save a lot of money. If the industry solution supports the complete value chain and the software solution knows exactly where the goods are even during shipping, then a big part of the task is already done.

Our shipping solution is a module in 3E-LOOK and is a scanner-aided solution. It is based on packaging, meaning that every good is somehow related to a package – be it a box, or a transportation rack or a truck. In combination with the production control, the manufactured goods are allocated to a temporary store which is again accessed from the shipping logistic module. One module interlocks with another. – IT'S WORKING TOGETHER.

Further down the line, the windows and single parts are combined to shipping tours and allocated to certain packages. The delivery note is printed when the goods have been consigned. This way you can be sure that the delivery note also includes goods in backlog.