Our values

What is important to us

3E has a longstanding tradition of value-oriented management. As a family business we have an obligation towards our customers and employees, but not towards any shareholders.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers and to make them successful. We want to boost their competitiveness and to support them in digital transformation in the best way. There is no sure formula for success, but we do everything to continuously develop our methods and solutions.

We always strive for excellence. We analyze inhouse processes and search for improvement potential.

The application of methods plays a central role in software development and in project management. We always strive to enrich our methods and to enhance our expertise.

Customer orientation is not an empty promise.

We are committed to it. We regularly invite our customers to discussion forums. Their valuable feedback helps us to better understand their requirements. We listen to our customers. After all, are our solutions not intended for them?

We are driven by:

  • Respect and fairness - The consideration of different points of view and the valuation of different perspectives
  • Integrity - Our actions are characterized by honesty, sincerity and commitment.
  • Transparency - The absolute premise for successful communication
  • Continuous development of our methods and solutions and of our employees
  • Aspiration to excellence - Our aim is to develop and implement premium business software.
  • Customer orientation - Listening, understanding, acting
  • Innovation and hightech - Expertise and knowhow are the driving forces for innovative und technologically leading solutions.

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